Cars, Planes, Drones, Boats And Tanks – A Different Type Of Hobby

Playing with cars, boats, planes and tanks might seem like a kids’ activity, but nowadays, it can often mean more than just the toy planes, cars or ships. With the development of radio-controlled models, these simple ‘toys’ have become more a hobby for the adult category – in fact, there are many competitions and tournaments worldwide catering to the racing of radio-controlled models.

If you ever buy radio control models, you will find that nowadays, most of these models – whether cars, tanks, helicopters or planes – have highly accurate designs and models which closely resemble real life models of vehicles. Scales vary in size, from over one twentieth the original size to larger sizes as in one tenth the original size. It is also noteworthy to note that many of these seemingly innocuous toys can reach speeds of over 100kmph, with certain aircraft models reaching well over 200kmph (it might sound wrong to call them toys at this point!). Most models are also sold as separate pieces, so that hobbyists can assemble them themselves.

A newer technology which has been developed is that of radio-controlled aircrafts and drones which feature first-person view (FPV). These models basically feature an on-board camera which transmits the video to a special FPV goggles worn by the user. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or simply, model aircrafts, drones and other flying models, usually feature this type of technology, but you buy RC FPV online for car models and other land models. Certain flying models also feature an extremely advanced recording system with the use of gyro sensors – which can tilt and pan the view of the camera – and thus provide a stereoscopic view for the user.

FPV aircrafts and drones have become increasingly popular in recent years, as amateur hobbyists as well as professionals have taken to various FPV racing competitions, creating a new kind of competitive sport. Social media sites such as YouTube and Hulu have taken part in popularizing this hobby amongst the teenage and young adult demographics as many hobbyists have uploaded detailed guides and tutorials on FPV controlling. Nonetheless, the use of first-person view is by no means similar an experience to controlling normal radio-controlled models – it requires a more substantial and in-depth experience. Not to add, there are many regulations in the developed countries regulating the use of FPV models in order the restrict the probability of accidents and collisions: most states require the registration of the models, as well as requesting the owners to undergo training or requesting the presence of experienced personnel overseeing the flight of these models.